NYT Quotes Noreen Kelly on City Council Dispute With Mayor

November 27, 2017

McGuireWoods’ representation of five members of the New York City Council in a legal turf battle with Mayor Bill de Blasio was noted in a Nov. 15 New York Times story about the dispute.

The Times quoted Noreen Kelly, managing partner of the firm’s New York office, in arguments before the State Supreme Court in Manhattan over whether her clients, the five council members, may challenge the mayor’s policy position in legal proceedings.

The council members filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiff in a lawsuit over New York City’s property tax system, alleging that it discriminates against minorities and would affect nearly 800,000 constituents in their districts. They argue that the plaintiffs’ case against the city should be allowed to proceed.

The city Law Department, representing de Blasio, wants the case dismissed and argued before the justices that the court should not consider the council members’ brief.

“The city should speak with one voice,” said the Law Department’s senior counsel, Joshua Sivin, according to the Times report.

“The legislature is not an agency of city government,” the newspaper quoted Kelly as saying in response.