McGuireWoods’ Jonathan Blank Co-Authors “The Tale of the Tee”

August 21, 2020

McGuireWoods Charlottesville partner Jonathan Blank, chair of the firm’s Business & Securities Litigation Department, and entrepreneur, filmmaker and author BK Fulton co-wrote a book released Aug. 6, 2020, titled “The Tale of the Tee: Be Kind and Just Believe.” The book compiles their emails and shared writings capturing the significant events of June 2020 to eradicate racial inequality.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Owl Publishing, the 61-page narrative provides context around the tragic death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, and the protests that ignited in city streets across the United States and around the world. The book takes readers to the authors’ hometown of Richmond, Virginia, and shares photos of the city’s people who peacefully protested for social justice and opposed Confederate monuments.

The book includes a photo of Fulton’s wife, McGuireWoods Richmond partner Jacquelyn E. Stone, cleaning graffiti from a historical marker honoring civil rights pioneer Oliver Hill. Seeing this simple act of kindness, Blank emailed Stone, who connected him with Fulton. The two men shared their thoughts in writings now chronicled in “The Tale of the Tee.”

“Our friendship teaches us that small acts can have ripple effects,” said Fulton. “I hope it will guide those of different ethnic and economic backgrounds to talk to one another, to tell their stories.”

The book’s title, “The Tale of the Tee,” references a golf tee both men carry with them, symbolizing their bond and the work they must do to promote kindness and racial equality. They also carry the tee in honor of Dr. George Franklin Grant, inventor of the golf tee, who is among many people of African descent whose inventions, art, theories and other contributions often are not found in history books.

Noted Blank, “There is much anti-racism work left to be done in the United States. I hope the events of 2020 can truly start a healing process from our past, where history is truthfully told for the benefit of all people.”

Blank, Fulton and the book they co-wrote were featured in an Aug. 20 interview with CBS 6 (WTVR-TV) in Richmond.