Anita M. Foss Counsel

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Anita’s practice is focused on e-discovery and has been since 2018. Her experience includes in particular coordinating preservation, collection, review, and production for large-scale cases and regulatory investigations involving numerous custodians and millions of documents.

Anita’s goal is to ensure that the e-discovery process is not only robust and defensible, but also as efficient and cost-effective as possible. To do that, she leverages her knowledge of electronic review platforms and tools; defensible and efficient procedures to preserve, identify and collect documents; best practices in handling e-discovery; and electronic filters and searches. She negotiates e-discovery issues with opposing parties, establishes review protocols and quality control processes, creates defensible privilege logs, and handles all other aspects of the discovery process.

Additionally, Anita often teams up with co-counsel and the client to determine how best to handle the discovery aspects of a matter, leveraging her experience to manage e-discovery challenges while also developing facts and legal theories needed to defend each case. Before concentrating on e-discovery, Anita’s practice at McGuireWoods focused on business and securities litigation. She regularly prepared pleadings and motions, drafted appellate briefs, conducted witness interviews and depositions, and represented clients in court. She now uses that experience and her extensive knowledge of e-discovery case law and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to aid clients and co-counsel in litigating discovery disputes.