Fueled by significant growth and direct foreign investment, the Asian economy has grown into one of the largest in the world. As regulators tighten the reins on foreign exchange and investment policies are reconsidered, it has become increasingly important for Asian companies to bring in experienced counsel to ensure new regulations don’t endanger their products, investments and deals. McGuireWoods offers unrivalled experience building effective strategies to conduct clients’ business in and out of Asia.

We collaborate with partners across the globe and our interdisciplinary, client-focused teams work together to ensure clients achieve their objectives. Capitalizing on our strengths as a global M&A powerhouse with a deep bench of experienced litigators, our attorneys represent public and private entities in cross-border transactions, commercial contracts, joint ventures, supply chain, and strategic investment in and protection of technology and IP, as well as complex cross-border IP litigation, UK Bribery/FCPA compliance, commercial and class action litigation, international arbitration, customs and international trade, and other complex legal matters.

We represent some of the most sophisticated Asian companies and customers in almost every significant regulated and unregulated industry in Asia, such as electronics, life sciences, transportation, manufacturing, chemical, materials and energy.

Access to experienced global legal services and advanced technology are essential to the success of international business. In addition to McGuireWoods’ capabilities, we formed a strategic alliance with Shanghai-based law firm FuJae Partners, working closely with them to serve our clients’ interests in strategic international investments and markets.

Through McGuireWoods Consulting, our full-service public affairs subsidiary, we also provide Asian companies with assistance on government relations matters in the United States and help them have a voice in shaping U.S. legislation affecting their businesses and industries. McGuireWoods Consulting is located in Washington, D.C., numerous U.S. state capitals and Europe.