BPE Deal Tracker: Horizon Air Freight + Swift Marine Group = Horizon Group

April 12, 2023

ICV Partners-backed Horizon Air Freight announced on March 27, 2023, that it has made a strategic business partnership and will merge with Swift Marine Group to form Horizon Group. This announcement comes shortly after Horizon Air Freight’s acquisition of Transmarine Navigation Corporation. The merger and acquisition further cement Horizon Group as a leader in the international ports and customer-first logistics industries.

According to the announcement, Horizon Group will provide global door-to-deck marine logistics solutions, white-glove port call service, port call agency services, import and export documentation services, customs preclearance for inbound air and ocean shipments, last-mile port delivery services and marine logistics customer service in North America and South America.

Swift Marine Group, headquartered in Amsterdam, specializes in marine logistics and forwarding.

Horizon Air Freight, headquartered in New York, keeps fleets shipshape and on schedule with all global marine logistics.

ICV Partners, with offices in Miami and Atlanta, is a leading Black-owned private equity firm focused on lower middle market companies in business services, consumer goods and services, the food and beverage industry, and healthcare.

Terms of the merger were not disclosed.