Data Privacy & Security

McGuireWoods’ data privacy and security team helps clients understand their risks, then works with them to prioritize their investments, resources and efforts to mitigate those risks.

Data privacy and security is a top concern for general counsel and their corporate legal departments. Yet, limited time, lean resources and competing priorities are a reality. As such, many companies assume some cybersecurity and privacy risks.

Clients turn to our global interdisciplinary team for solutions in:

  • Information Governance – establishing a thoughtful, practical set of information and records management policies buoyed by a comprehensive inventory and classification of corporate information across all business lines.
  • Incident Response and Remediation – planning for and responding to cybersecurity incidents or data breaches in an effective, efficient and legally compliant manner, then assisting in the creation and implementation of new, responsive controls.
  • Information Assurance – assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their cybersecurity profile and developing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.
  • Privacy Compliance – establishing internal policies and procedures that comply with CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc., and align with federal, state and industry standards.  

Team Credentials

Clients invest in us, so we invest in our people. Credentials among our team include:

  • Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) certification, a key industry benchmark that demonstrates a strong understanding of U.S. or EU privacy laws and regulations.
  • PCI Professional (PCIP) qualification from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which demonstrates a deep understanding of how to build a secure payment environment and help an organization achieve PCI compliance.

Notable Accolades

  • Recognized as a top 16 law firm that decision-makers trust the most regarding new, changing, and coming shifts in the legal need to support Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. (BTI Consulting).
  • Named a “Leading Cybersecurity Law Firm” by top legal decision-makers at companies with $1B+ in revenue (BTI Consulting).
  • Recognized for “critical legal and technical expertise” in cyber law across sectors (Legal 500 US).
  • Several team members named “Leading Lawyers” in cyber law (Legal 500 US).
  • Highly regarded for data protection, data transfers and data breaches (Legal 500 EMEA).
  • Recognized for EU Data Privacy and Protection (Legal 500 EMEA).

Stay Informed

Our team regularly provides insights on developments in cybersecurity, data privacy and breach laws, information governance best practices and risk management issues through our Password Protected blog.

CCPA brochure

Download a copy of our brochure “California Data Privacy: What You Need to Know.”

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Named a “Leading Cybersecurity Law Firm” by top legal decision-makers at companies with $1B+ in revenue.

BTI Consulting, 2017