Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

For many, the term “ESG” brings to mind environmental issues–climate change in particular. These issues have been and continue to be the cornerstone of the ESG movement, but ESG has come to mean much more – it covers social issues like a company’s labor practices, talent management, product safety and data security. It also covers governance matters like board diversity, executive pay, and business ethics.

McGuireWoods recognizes that companies are at different stages with respect to implementing ESG processes, reporting, and procedures. We tailor our advice to meet our clients accordingly.

Our multidisciplinary team of ESG lawyers and advisors are well-positioned to assist clients with the identification, analysis and integration of ESG concerns and priorities at all levels of their operations. We draw on the collective knowledge, experience and skills of lawyers and governmental affairs professionals who have practices that focus on environmental regulation, corporate governance, energy, international trade, labor and employment, global investigations, tax policy and cybersecurity. Our team can help companies evaluate and develop their specific ESG targets, report on ESG issues responsibly and effectively, and create policies and procedures to integrate ESG into daily operations and long-term planning – all while being careful to avoid common pitfalls that can inadvertently lead to unwanted liability risk.

Our ESG Services

We want to prepare our clients for the next steps in the evolution of ESG practices. We see significant opportunities for those clients who are adapting to these new challenges, and we partner with companies to support their business as it changes and grows. We provide our clients with individualized, one-on-one counseling on these issues, and also offer companies a confidential forum where they can discuss these issues with their peers, with guidance from McGuireWoods attorneys and McGuireWoods Consulting representatives.

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