When it really matters . . . At McGuireWoods, we try cases. Lots of cases.

McGuireWoods has multiple teams of experienced trial lawyers located throughout our firm. Lawyers with thousands of hours of courtroom experience in state and federal courts across the United States in lawsuits involving a wide range of subjects. Lawyers who have stood before juries dozens of times. Lawyers who know what it means to represent clients with pride and passion. Lawyers who know how to persuade. Lawyers who know how to win.

Every competitive business in America will sooner or later face the need for litigation services. Whether in the world of intellectual property, business disputes, securities, antitrust, environmental, or any variety of “bet your company” case, today’s managers will be called upon to make significant decisions regarding the selection of trial counsel and management of the litigation process.

Virtually every major “full service” firm offers litigation support: Document production and review; depositions and analysis; multiple motions and briefs. All firms claim internal efficiencies, but cost-effectiveness is a paramount concern at McGuireWoods. If a matter is destined to reach a jury, we judge the efficiency of our work by a single uncommon standard: does the specific expenditure of time or money make it more likely that a jury will find in our client’s favor?

Why this standard? Because with vast experience actually taking cases to trial, our trial team members know that when a case is positioned for a favorable jury outcome, the rest will take care of itself. Opponents become more reasonable and willing to negotiate. Imaginative business solutions appear. Cases go away.
Experienced risk managers know this reality. Some have learned the hard way. “Litigation” drives the process, but the projected outcome at trial or judgment ALWAYS dictates the result. McGuireWoods lawyers live this reality every day.

Additional Capabilities

The McGuireWoods Trial Team Roundtable provides decision-makers with a unique opportunity to benefit from our firm’s experience. During a dynamic and lively full-day “roundtable” discussion, McGuireWoods trial lawyers will meet with you to analyze and challenge your assumptions, theories and defenses in the matter at hand. Rather than a mini-trial or focus group, this format affords the opportunity to work with experienced McGuireWoods trial lawyers who can bring fresh eyes to your case. Through the interactive experience, you and your team will come away with creative ideas, themes and proposals for action in developing an effective trial strategy that you may not have previously considered. Armed with these ideas, you and your team can then determine whether or not to incorporate them into an effective trial strategy.