Sara F. Holladay Partner

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Sara serves as the office managing partner and leader of the Jacksonville office’s complex commercial litigation group. Sara is an experienced class action and complex commercial litigator. Sara also has a robust appellate practice, representing financial institutions and corporate clients in state and federal appellate courts.

Sara has represented numerous companies in state and federal courts in Florida and around the country, as well as a variety of arbitration and administrative forums. She has defended financial institutions and other corporations in numerous class actions, including taking several cases through and defeating class certification and, when appropriate, settling cases on an individual or class-wide basis. Sara’s class action experience ranges from typical alphabet soup consumer finance class actions (FCCPA, FCRA, FACTA, FDCPA, TILA, RESPA, HUD), to unfair and deceptive trade practices (UDAP) and warranty claims. In addition to her class action work, Sara maintains a complex litigation practice representing large and small corporates in business to business disputes, real estate disputes, and defense of varied consumer claims.

Sara has represented financial institutions and other corporations in over 400 appellate matters, ranging from merits appeals, novel procedural issues on jurisdiction, to more complex issues of standing, class certification matters, UDAP application, and statutory construction.


  • Successfully defeated class certification in nationwide putative class action against financial institution alleging violation of HUD regulations with improper collection of mortgage interest.
  • Successfully defeated class certification in nationwide putative class action alleging violations of FACTA for information appearing on consumer transaction receipts.
  • Successfully defeated several class actions on standing grounds at motion to dismiss stage in Nevada state court, alleging violations of FACTA for improper information on consumer quasi-cash receipts.
  • Successfully defeated at summary judgment nationwide class actions against loan servicer alleging violations of FDCPA and consent orders concerning collection of time barred debt.
  • Represents sunglasses company in related class actions alleging breaching of Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, state warranty law, and violations of FDUTPA and other state UDAP laws, successfully resolved via settlement for client.
  • Represents several different financial institutions and mortgage services in putative class actions related to improper property inspection and property preservation fees, and attorney’s fee recovery on defaulted loans.
  • Represented large financial institution in defense of complex claims related to mortgaged-backed securities, revolving debt facility, and secondary mortgage market gestation financing, successfully resolved via settlement for client.
  • Represents Class I railroad in a variety of complex litigation matters, including concerning federal preemption, real estate litigation, easement and crossing disputes, and contract disputes.
  • Obtained favorable results on appeal in hundreds of matters for financial institutions, upholding tribunal decisions at trial and summary judgment, evidentiary issues, novel procedural issues, jurisdiction and standing.
  • Successfully argued novel personal jurisdiction argument before Florida Appeals Court concerning foreign manufacturer defendant.
  • Acts as escalation counsel for large banking institution handling a variety of issues and claims concerning mortgage servicing and origination litigation and other high exposure issues.
  • Counsels sophisticated clients concerning litigation and risk avoidance, contract interpretation, and drafting concerns.