Jill Crawley Griset Partner

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Jill has a broad background in e-discovery and has focused exclusively on e-discovery since 2005. She co-directs the firm’s discovery counsel services group and manages a team of discovery attorneys at the firm’s Charlotte e-discovery site.

Jill consults with clients on preservation, collection and production issues; serves as National Discovery Counsel for a number of large institutions, including large financial institutions; serves as record Discovery Counsel in large litigation matters where other firms serve as merits counsel; and consults clients on e-discovery protocols and playbooks. Prior to her e-discovery work, she handled business and financial institution litigation matters for eight years.

Her clients depend on her extensive knowledge of various electronic review platforms and tools; defensible and efficient procedures to preserve, identify and collect electronic and hard copy information; best practices in handling e-discovery and the design of electronic filters and searches, as well as her ability to manage personnel and resources to ensure cost-effectiveness. She is also an experienced courtroom lawyer familiar with the emerging case law and the e-discovery requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and she frequently handles e-discovery-related motions practice in federal and state courts.

Jill’s engagements typically involve assessing the volume of data related to the matter; identifying the best process for preservation, collection and document review; serving as the client’s discovery counsel in large matters; negotiating e-discovery issues with the opposing party; establishing review protocols and a quality control processes for the document review; preparing a budget or flat fee for the document reviews; creating a robust and defensible privilege log; and handling all other aspects of the discovery process. McGuireWoods often teams with co-counsel and the client to determine how best to handle the discovery aspects of a matter, leveraging the specific experience of Jill and her colleagues on the firm’s Discovery Counsel Services team to manage e-discovery challenges while also developing facts and legal theories needed to defend each case.

As National Discovery Counsel for a number of clients, she has helped clients institute defensible discovery guidelines and practices and has trained the client on the processes and best practices and assisted in the implementation of the processes.


  • Serves as National Discovery Counsel for Fortune 50 financial institution and a Fortune Global 500 financial institution.
  • Represented Fortune 20 financial institution in multi-district class action litigation and managed all aspects of discovery in the case; appointed by the defense group, which included numerous financial institutions, to represent defense group in ESI negotiations with plaintiff’s committee.
  • Represented Fortune 20 financial institution in numerous patent litigation and other financial services litigation as record Discovery Counsel, handling all discovery in a cost-effective defensible manner.
  • Drafted and implemented discovery guidelines and best practices for non-financial institution clients, including large health care organization.