Antitrust Counseling & Compliance

To help clients recognize and avoid sensitive situations and capitalize on the pro-competitive elements of the antitrust laws, we frequently conduct antitrust audits, assess and implement compliance programs, and provide employee training programs. As business advisers and counselors, our main goal is to use these strategies to prevent litigation in the first place.

We understand that doing business in a global environment requires up-to-date knowledge, not only of U.S. and state antitrust laws, but also EU laws and laws of other countries. Our lawyers serve as business advisers and counselors to domestic and foreign companies in navigating the often-conflicting substance and interpretation of these laws. We solve the daily antitrust problems that businesses face using the following counseling programs and strategies:

  • Design and conduct antitrust training programs and seminars for clients and their employees
  • Help clients design sales, marketing, and distribution systems that comply with antitrust laws
  • Advise clients on pricing and distribution issues, such as resale price maintenance, exclusivity, most-favored nation clauses and price discrimination
  • Structuring joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Deal with trade regulation issues of the EU and other international venues